Are There Really Saints Living Today?


Are realy you people believe that there are still human being like Paramhansa Yogananda type people and many other like Babaji type persons in todays world? Does anyone ever see this type of persons and their miracles? Please let me know?

—Raghavendra, India


Dear Friend,

Yes: you can be sure that in every age there are great saints and masters. Few have met Babaji but others of character and integrity have seen him and have so testified. Ananda’s founder, Swami Kriyananda, is among many who knew Paramhansa Yogananda and among those who did testify as to Yogananda’s spiritual greatness and, yes, miracles too.

The greatest miracle is the transforming power of love and greatest blessing for a soul to have is the grace of a true God-realized master.

Yes, I know such persons are difficult to imagine as living amongst us. But, why not? If this world is a manifestation of God then it follows that there must be some persons who are God-realized. This world would not go on if this realization were easy to obtain. We must not seek God out of mere curiosity or the desire for healing or miracles but for the one thing we all seek deep in our hearts: love, without condition, and the bliss the comes when united in love with Love itself.

These truths are not accessible to those who only go by reason or who are skeptical. It is the heart that knows. It is the soul’s power of knowing — intuition — that knows. One can pray for faith but faith can be transmitted by attunement to one who knows!

Be practical in your search for truth but also be open to the wisdom of the wayshowers. As this universe is incredibly large and old, so we must be willing to accept that truth comes to us only as we are willing to make the effort to realize it from within, not merely with our thoughts. Prayer, meditation, purity of heart, selflessness of action, and self-control of the senses: these are the price of “knowing.” With this seeking flows to us the grace of God. “When the disciple (the truthseeker) is ready, the guru appears.”

Blessings and light upon your journey to Self-realization,
Nayaswami Hriman