Finding a guru vs. being a true disciple


Where to find a yogi guru?

Has anyone in Ananda Sangha or any swami that you know, has attained nirvkalpa samadhi? can you show me the way?

Why did Swami Kriyananda did not achieve mahasamadhi like paramhans yogananda, inspite of being his direct disciple?

why did swami kriyananda had to leave the spiritual path and live a married life?

can you please answer my above stated questions..

please.. i am a sincere seeker and need answers.

—Luv Agrawal, India


Dear Luv Agrawal:

One doesn’t “find” a guru in the manner you describe: one’s karma draws to you a true guru by the depth, the sincerity and the purity of your efforts towards divine attunement. It is not ours to judge the spiritual realization of other souls. Our duty is to our own spiritual growth. Divine Mother will send to you what your soul needs at the right time.

How would you know the difference between someone who has had nirvikalpa samadhi and one who has not? Simply their saying so? “He who says he knows, doesn’t; he who says he doesn’t, doesn’t; he who knows: KNOWS!”

Be not concerned about Swami Kriyananda: his spiritual realization is between him and God. He has left this earth. Many great saints, even avatars such as Lahiri Mahasaya, Lord Krishna, etc. were married. And, who says Swami Kriyananda did not achieve mahasamadhi? Who is qualified to know that?

You are looking in the wrong places. Purify your body; calm your thoughts; open your heart in devotion. See and serve God in all and pray for guidance; pray for God to send to you whatever and whoever you need at this time to help you. The issue today is NOT who is a true guru, but WHO IS A TRUE DISCIPLE!

I wish you well on your journey to Self-realization!

Nayaswami Hriman