Time of Passing


Hi!I lost my grandmother few months back.She fell down from the bed one early morning and by late evening when she was hospitalized,had stroke and passed away in a day almost without pain and suffering.The night before my mom heard voices coming from her room when she went and checked she found that my granny was peacefully sleeping.She heard the voices very distinctly.I have heard that at the time of passing away loved ones visit us. Could that be the case?Do we choose our time of death?

—Devika, India


Dear Devika,

There are many books and stories of those seeing or hearing loved ones coming to help passing of the soul. Two books come to mind: Proof of Heaven and Testimony of Light. Both books are excellent not only in the dying process, but afterward. My niece told me when my aunt passed that she was talking with one of her departed sisters as those she was there with her.

Some advanced souls know of their time to pass and can actually leave their bodies willingly. The time of death is obscured for most of us. We understand more and more that death brings us, our souls, to another plane of existence. According to Paramhansa Yogananda, and the yogic believe, when we die the body dies but the soul goes into another form, called the astral body. Each one can be with loved ones and enjoy the beauty of the astral world depending on how they lived their lives.

Blessings in the knowledge that your grandmother is well taken care of and is enjoying her loved ones in the astral world, Seva