Never Give Up


I have been suffering from severe headache for the last two years.Doctors have done all MRI test and cant detect the true cause of pain.this pain leaves me depressed all the time and I pray for my soul to leave this body as I cant take this pain anymore.Do you think my prayers will be answered.

—navindra, Australia


Dear Navindra,

Thank you for your letter. I realize that constant pain can be very debilitating, but for a moment, please look at the bright side. The MRI has ruled out tumors and this means that a simpler healing solution may be possible. Please pursue spiritual methods of healing such as affirmations and visualizations. These things may heal you directly, or they may serve as a divine magnet to draw to you the right knowledge or remedy to heal your headaches. Positive thoughts and feeling can heal you directly, or indirectly.

Please also use this CD: AUM — the Mantra Of Eternity. Listen to the voice of Swami Kriyananda each day and feel that his beautiful chanting of AUM is dissolving the source of the headaches, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Paramhansa Yogananda wrote a special letter to a devotee that begins like this:

You must never lose courage. Divine Mother sent me to pilot you out of the clouds of your mind...

Please read it and feel that he is talking to you now. Let it spark your own divine courage.

Also — I invite your to follow along with my video and do this affirmation with me. Please do it every day for at least a month as this will help to lift your mind out of despair.

And, finally, we are here to help and you can request healing prayers at any time. You can renew the prayer request as needed, it is no burden to us. We love to get an update each time to hear of any improvements, and to encourage you in your pursuit of health.


Mary Kretzmann, Director

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry