I had to look up this letter to share it with someone who was feeling discouraged right now, and then I thought of sharing it with all of you.

Letter to a Devotee by Paramhansa Yogananda

… You must never lose courage. Divine Mother sent me to pilot you out of the clouds of your mind. Everybody’s difficulty is different, and he or she has to win that test of Karma and Divine Mother.

Overcome all by constant inward calling on God and utmost devotion in words, thought, action, and obedience to Guru. Your troubles I do not mind. I will never give up my job about you. It is better to conquer evil and not go on living with it forever. Never for a moment identify yourself with momentary flashes of error. Have no fear, even when I’m gone and no longer visible to your eyes. You will never be alone. I may not scold you then, but I shall ever be with you, and through Divine Mother guard you from all harm, and will constantly whisper to you guidance through your loving self.

So do not make life discouraged and tired, but be ever interested in doing for Divine Mother, no matter if wars, sickness and death dance around you. That is the secret of victory over delusion and all troubles. Be cut to pieces, but never give up. Be a divine leech – suck at the blood of wisdom even though torn to bits. A smooth life is not a victorious one. And I will give you lots of good karma, so you will get through. I will not only ever forgive you, but ever lift you up no matter how many times you fall. Keep unceasingly trying to conquer; that not only I invisibly help you, but visibly through many here. Divine Mother will help you to win, through your own efforts and the blessings of the great Gurus. I am not building a mansion for you, or giving you riches that will perish; but I am making an imperishable home with all riches for you in my Divine Mother’s mansion.

Unceasing blessings
(signed) Paramhansa Yogananda

I’d love to hear your insights on this letter. See what part inspires you today in a special way and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment field as it may then inspire others.

God bless you all!


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


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    A comment received by email…

    “I’m inspired and comforted by the idea and vision of Master as my pilot.
    That helps me to let go of the control mechanisms of moving forward, to hand over the reins and the steering wheel.
    The photo of Master on the sailboat anchors that idea in my consciousness.
    Polestar Of My Life is a favorite chant and I use the first line as an affirmation.
    I think of Master as my polestar but also as my anchor. When grounded in that consciousness, my heart knows I’m not alone.
    I once had a dream of being in a boat. A woman was at the helm, steering the boat through flooded streets. I knew that woman to be Divine Mother. It was a powerful vision. I’d forgotten about it, my memory jogged by this posting.
    Courage is required every waking moment. It might needed for something of great consequence such as a health concern or money issue or to just move through the day with my consciousness lifted and joy in my heart.
    Thank You and I Love You are all I need to say to quiet my heart and take the next step.
    Blessings to all.
    Suze Gilbert”

  2. “and will constantly whisper to you guidance through your loving self”.

    Cultivating our “loving self” is then key to being guided? Master said to Daya Mata, “when I am gone, only love can take my place”.

  3. “I will not only ever forgive you, but ever lift you up no matter how many times you fall.”

    My whole life has been his grace. I have ‘fallen’ countless times, and yet, almost comically, he picks me up every single time by throwing something onto my path that reminds me, “It’s late at night; mother must be worried, I’m not home yet!”

    1. Thank you for your sweet reply. Keep reaching up for God’s Light and Grace.

  4. Dear Mary Kretzmann: A while ago I saw what I think was picture of Lord Krishna hanging on an office wall. I asked the man,Is that a picture of Lord Krishna. He responded no Krishna is not the Lord. It is a picture of Kali. I do not understand this response. Will you help explain this to me?
    Thank You,
    Bill Kilpatrick 5/3/2018

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