How to Practice Affirmations


Can you please guide me on how to practice affirmations? Including, for how many times do we need to repeat them in a day. Also I would like to know if we can repeat two to three different affirmations in a day. In what way the affirmations influence our subconscious mind and how can we manifest our desires? Thank You

—Jala, India


Dear Jala,

For some people repeating one specific uplifting phrase is vitally important to their spiritual lives. It’s like doing japa (repetition).

Either a guru gives you a phrase or you take one that you do all day long. One Christian saint had a running dialogue with God; it was his spiritual practice to talk with God all the time.

For other people, repeating different phrases – that uplift the spirit, that calm the mind, that take the mind away from negative thinking – would help keep them even-minded and cheerful, able to face life’s situations.

For them, the phrase may change as the need changes.

So, yes, you can have many affirmations.

It would be good to read the book by Swami Kriyananda, Affirmations for Self-Healing.

This book will help you greatly in explaining affirmations and in giving you affirmations that you could use throughout the day.

Joy to you,