How to Awaken Your True Potential

Yogananda rouses you to awaken your true nature, beginning by looking at the habits that hold you back and how best to change them.

Wisdom of Yogananda Series Retreats

Yogananda, the first yoga master to make his home in the United States, brought the West the scientific, non-sectarian tools of yoga: techniques to focus energy, and bring inner peace and soul-satisfying fulfillment.

Wishing You a Noble New Year

Fireworks were already booming from the surrounding neighborhoods as we entered the Portland community chapel last night for our New Year’s Eve ceremony. It was a blessed evening complete with purification ceremony, 108 repetitions of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and a deep meditation til midnight.  I was struck by the simple yet powerful contrast of the fireworks and my inner experience: the big loud outward … Read More


Does the Guru Kiss the Initiate’s Right Ear?


Question from sandy: For Nayaswami Gyandev — read with interest your comments on listening to the sound of AUM from the right ear. Have you ever heard of a Guru kissing an initiate on the right ear? If so, it’s meaning. Thanks.

Autobiography of a Yogi free online version, yogananda autobiography free online version

Autobiography of a Yogi

“Imagine Christ, Buddha, or Krishna telling their life story in their own words. That’s what you get when you read Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi.” —Richard Salva, author Paperback, 516 pages Audiobook, 19 hours Stories and Insights From a Spiritual Classic Adapted from an answer on Quora by Nabha Cosley • January 9, 2016 A book about masters of yoga and … Read More


Did Yogananda Mention Swami Vivekananda?


Question from mangesh: Was Swami Vivekananda’s role in the West for Paramhansa Yoganada the same as the role of John the Baptist for Jesus Christ in Israel? Why did Yogananda never mention Vivekananda?


Sri Yukteswar’s Life Purpose


Question from Cyril: There is a line in Autobiography (maybe chapter 12 ) where Yogananda says that Sri Yukteswar could have been a mighty warrior ( or words to those effect ) if he chose but that in this life he chose to defeat the inner warriors ( or words to those effect ) and to storm the “inner citadels whose fall is … Read More


Simple living and high thinking


Question from Balu: I am 53 now and in my life I passed through several experiences and I am taking them as great lessons. I am leading a moderate life. Experiences in life make me think that it is the time for realizing the meaning of life. I am a contemplative type and I have an interest to understand the truth about spirituality … Read More


Yogananda as a God-realized soul


Question from Vinay: Hi, I read this conversation in Autobiography of a Yogi between Sri Yukteshwar and Yogananda where Yogananda accepts his discipline on the condition that his guru reveal God to him. After a long verbal tussle, he accepts it. I want to ask that when Sri Yukteshwar knew that Yogananda was a God realized soul, why did this conversation take place? … Read More