Simple living and high thinking


I am 53 now and in my life I passed through several experiences and I am taking them as great lessons. I am leading a moderate life. Experiences in life make me think that it is the time for realizing the meaning of life. I am a contemplative type and I have an interest to understand the truth about spirituality and God. I think, instead of running for more luxuries, it is best to invest 50% of time for self realisation while continuing as a householder. What is your opinion?

—Balu, India


Dear Balu,

Thank you for your question. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Yogananda urged his students to ardently pursue self-realisation. He said, “If you read for 1 hour, write for 2 hours. If you write for 2 hours, think for 3 hours. And if you think for 3 hours, meditate…all the time!”

Your investment in your spiritual growth will produce the greatest “luxuries” of all: peace of mind, deepening joy in the heart, and a sense of inner freedom. Sharing such treasures with other people will increase your inner wealth. And most importantly, these riches are the only ones you will be able to take with you when you depart this earthly plane.

Joy to you,