Clarity Magazine, Music and the Arts

Reflections on Creativity

I will use my creative thinking ability to gain success in every worth-while project that I undertake

Clarity Magazine, Overcoming Challenging Karma, Spiritual Growth

Stranded in the Snow

Why is one saved from suicide? In his heart of hearts, he was a good man driving a red truck, and his true colors came out (although reluctantly at first) even in his darkest hour. By saving us, he saved himself.

Clarity Magazine, Divine Love

I Want to Pour the Scent of Gratefulness at Thy Feet

During dark nights of misfortune, I find it even sweeter, now, to offer Thee the flowers of my appreciation for being always there, protecting me.

Clarity Magazine, Divine Love

Driving the Rebel-King, Ignorance

O mighty, mystic Judge of Life, I asked Thee in my hall of soul-stillness: “What is sin?” Thy whispers of silence, dim at first, grew into bright articulations of thought; I heard and understood Thy meaning. “Sin is a rebel-king.”

Clarity Magazine, Divine Love, Yoga Postures

Demand for the Opening of the Spiritual Eye

Bless me, that my sacred, wise thoughts, following this star of knowledge, lead me to the Christ in everything

Clarity Magazine, Yoga Philosophy

Demand Not to be Enslaved by Ego or Passivity

Oh, my little, vain ego may strut proudly, saying: “Behold my glory! Worship me!” But I will look through its transparent form and behold Thine unimaginable beauty clothed in the subtle form of the whole universe!

Clarity Magazine, Divine Love

Spiritual Interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer

Give us our daily bread: food, health, and prosperity for the body; efficiency for the mind; and, above all, Thy wisdom and love for our souls. Teach us to deliver ourselves, with Thy help, from the meshes of ignorance which we have woven through our own carelessness.