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Acting on Intuition

Nayaswami Jyotish
June 27, 2018

Intuitive insights come to each of us. They are, after all, the soul’s way of perceiving. Sometimes they come as a clear knowing; at other times, as a hunch; and often as just a whisper of feeling. True intuition is God’s way of guiding us, but most of us ignore our intuitions most of the time. This last weekend we saw a remarkable validation of what happens when, in spite of all obstacles, you act on your intuition.

Janakidevi has always been a woman with strong intuition. She lives at Laurelwood, an Ananda community near Portland, Oregon. Age was beginning to take its toll, and she was starting to lose her sense of purpose and hope. Then one morning in meditation she received the strong message that she should build a sanctuary in nature where people could come to pray, but ignored the thought as just another of what she calls her “zany” ideas. A few days later, however, the impulse came back even more strongly, and she clearly saw a larger than life-sized statue of Yogananda surrounded by beautiful gardens.

She began taking a step at a time to realize her vision. And—this is very important if you want to accomplish anything big—she didn’t stop taking those steps even though at the age of eighty-five she felt that the project was beyond her abilities. Her enthusiasm soon attracted helpers: her husband, Byasa; a wonderful sculptor, Gary Roller, who was having similar intuitions; and many others who were also willing to donate money and time.

Last Saturday, at Ananda Laurelwood, we unveiled the eight-foot statue. There was an amazing sense of grace, as if the bronze was permeated with Master’s presence. Everyone felt that this would be a place of pilgrimage for countless years ahead, and two days later a rainbow blessing added to the feeling. There are lessons here for all of us.

Be open to your intuitions: Yogananda said, “Tune yourself with the creative power of spirit. You will be in contact with the Infinite Intelligence that is able to guide you and solve all problems. Power from the dynamic source of your being will flow uninterruptedly so that you will be able to perform creatively in any sphere of activity.”

Strengthen your intuition: Intuition usually speaks to us in whispers rather than shouts, and you must quiet your desires and thoughts to hear them more clearly. These subtle messages sometimes come with subconscious longings mixed in, so be wary of any ideas that aren’t accompanied by a feeling of calmness and humility. Intuition’s feeling should be more “Thank you” than “Oh, boy!”

Act on your intuition: The more you act, the stronger its power becomes. Take a step at a time, and keep checking in to feel if you are on the right track. When your intuition is truly from the Divine Intelligence, it will continue to guide you. If your power of intuition is well developed then you can act more confidently: At his school in Ranchi, India, Yogananda had a vision calling him to America—and left that very afternoon!

Great things can happen: It would not be a stretch to say that all great works are built on the foundation of intuition. Be open. Be trusting. Be persistent. You never know what the Divine wants to accomplish through you.

In joy,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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