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Class 16: Via Dolorosa, Part 1 - Life & Teachings of Jesus

Asha Nayaswami
December 5, 2022

Here, Christ teaches not with words, but through the dramatic tapestry of his own life's drama. Journey through the first 7 Stations of the Cross with Asha as Jesus bears his cross on the journey to Golgotha. From a worldly perspective this walk seems a grim reminder of the harshness of our reality, even calling it the walkway of sorrow. From a Divine perspective, however, we see that this march is truly the beginning of Christ's triumph, for it was throughout these great ordeals and his impending crucifixion that Jesus was able to take much of his disciples' karma, thus freeing them greatly. As we walk we are reminded of the crown of thorns Christ wore, and of how we bravely wore his torments. We see in his example how we can not only accept our tests and trials, but embrace them wholeheartedly, with ever deepening devotion. We see a message of hope and perseverance where Jesus fell under the weight of the cross, not once, but multiple times. We see also right spiritual attitudes exemplified by those lucky souls who were able to render him service in that hour of need, attitudes which we ourselves can emulate in the daily struggles of our own lives.