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Energy and Focus

August 17, 2014

Dr. Harpreet, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee and heart surgeon, explains how meditation helps him stay energetic and focused when doing surgery and seeing patients.


Dr. Harpreet:

A Doctor's Focus

Being in this profession, working for almost 10 to 15 hours a day, six days a week, and operating on three to four patients daily, I sometimes wonder: "What is it which gives me so much energy, which gives me so much of focus, to do my work in the best possible way."

And then I realize: had it not been for meditation, had it not been for my getting attuned - had it not been the grace, it would have been very difficult, it would have been very different.

It is only through meditation that I can keep my focus much more than I used to. It keeps me more cool, it keeps me more calm. It helps me make the right decisions, not only for myself but for my patients, too.

Meditation Makes the Difference for Energy and Inner Calmness

Meditating before work, during work, and in between cases only keeps my energy levels at a very high level.

This is a spiritual antibiotic for me. It makes all the difference. It's a spiritual armor for me. It helps the circadian rhythm. It helps the pendulum not oscillate in a wild way but in a cool and calm way all throughout the day.

It's only through meditation that we can see the results. Not only for ourselves but for all the people all around us. For me, meditation is the door of the grace of the gods, of the Gurus.

[pronam] Aum.


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