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Why I Meditate — Madhureeta

August 20, 2015

Madhureeta, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee, film director, writer, and producer, talks about why she meditates.



Why Meditate? A Better Question Might Be, Why NOT Meditate? 

The question of why I meditate would be something that maybe would have been better for me to answer before I started meditating. Now, you know, the answer... the question is, "Why not meditate?"

I think my mind was unclear and muddy. Before I started to meditate, of course, I was leading a life which by all standards, was a good life. But it was not good enough. And it was certainly not a joyous life. It was certainly not a life where I felt that I had a purpose.

Meditating for Peace of Mind, Calmness and Control 

Since I started to meditate, things are clearer now. It would be very correct to say it's life-changing. It entirely and completely changes your life because it changes your perspective. It changes the way you think, it changes the way you feel, it changes everything about you in a very beautiful way.

I finished a film just now, which is a very high-pressure film — a shot in the villages in Mayana, and we were shooting in a real location. So oftentimes, things were in disarray, and things needed to be organized, and people were missing, and there was a lot of running around and flurry — but somehow, due to my meditation, I just saw it from a little bit of a distance. 

And so my actors, who are used to working with directors who necessarily become authoritarian at such points, started calling me "Captain Cool." And I really — I thought of Guruji, and I thought he would be kind of proud that we are that way.


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