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Knowing Where to Look for Balance

Nayaswami Prakash
February 8, 2014

Prakash shares how meditation helps him find balance and depth of friendship by knowing how to find his center.


Nayaswami Prakash:

All my life, I wanted to try to find balance inside myself, because I didn't experience it. It was, it was too fast or too slow or too upset or too depressed. And when I came into meditation, I was able to find a place of perfect balance.

Evening Meditation

And then the goal became to try to carry that feeling of balance and poise into the much more outward world of work, especially the noisy, sort of rather destructive, sometimes work of heavy equipment. And I'll... doing the work, especially if it gets difficult or isn't going so well - and I think, "It's all right, this evening, there'll be a nice long meditation, and we can pull it all back together."

And then the evening comes, and the meditation is there. And whatever happened during the day gets sorted out at that time. And then I can go to bed and get up the next day and do it again.

Friendships through Meditation

When I was in graduate school, I liked Ralph Waldo Emerson, who it turns out was quite a yogi. And one of the things he said was: "Men descend to meet." And it always made a lot of sense to me that all this human interaction was not on really the right level.

And since meditating, I find that special friendships form with the people with whom you meditate. And I thank God for the meditation. And then I think, "Now, we can go and work!"'


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