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Superconscious Music Making

April 7, 2014

Mediation is key to tuning into unlimited stream of musical inspiration.

"Meditation is the key to inspire performance. My name is David Eby, and I've been playing cello since I was six years old. And music has always been a part of my life. Meditation has brought out the best that music has to offer. Many of the great composers talk about going into this place that's between dreaming and wakefulness, into the superconscious state. As a performer, my job is to get into that space myself, so that I can tune in to that vibration to that expression to that inspiration, because the audience is not going to feel something greater than what I'm feeling. There is so much noise all around us, whether it be noise in the city, noise in our heads are a psychic noise that we get from other people.

Meditation cuts through that noise. It allows you to experience who you are on your deepest level. I've had the most incredible experiences while performing where time stands still and all that exists is the music, and my mind is completely calm. And how do you get there? By paving the way with meditation, you're able to experience these incredible states of inspired performance."

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