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Why I Meditate — Jayeeta

August 20, 2015

Jayeeta, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee, shares what happened for her after starting to meditate during an emotional struggle. People find joy, love, and focus in their lives by establishing a meditation practice.



Namaskar. I'm Jayeeta.

What Can Happen in Emotional Times

Meditation started with me when I was in a very turbulent emotional phase of my life. That is when I got into meditation. When I started meditating, within the first week, I could feel that I was feeling more peaceful. I was feeling much more filled with joy, I could smile more easily. And the best part also was that my heart was filled with love. I was able to focus much better, I was able to concentrate much better, and my work became more enjoyable to me.

And whatever I did and wherever I went, I gave it my 100 percent. Even there were times when I didn't feel like doing something. But still, meditation made me able to concentrate. It made me able to stay so focused that even those feelings of "not feeling like" went away. I would love it if you all try and get the experience because it has changed my life and I am sure it will change yours.

Thank you.

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