Inspiring interviews with meditators, talking about what their meditation practice means to them.

Why I Meditate — Vibha

Vibha, a government administrator and Ananda Gurgaon devotee and mother, shares how meditation became something much deeper after it profoundly helped her manage a busy career and family life. Transcript Vibha A Career Women and Mother’s Meditation for Stress Management  I was trying my best to achieve the best everywhere. But it was just not working. And I was at … Read More

Why I Meditate — Mickey

Mickey, a gemstone specialist, astrologer, and social activist, years ago made meditation part of his life. Transcript Mickey: Meditating Makes Life Complete It’s part of my life. Now that I’m here, it’s like you got something very good, you know. It’s very difficult to explain why I do meditate. I meditate because I’m enjoying enjoy meditations. And I think I … Read More

Why I Meditate — Madhureeta

Madhureeta, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee, film director, writer, and producer, talks about why she meditates. Transcript Madhureeta: Why Meditate? A Better Question Might Be, Why NOT Meditate?  The question of why I meditate would be something that maybe would have been better for me to answer before I started meditating. Now, you know, the answer… the question is, “Why not … Read More

Why I Meditate — Jayeeta

Jayeeta, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee, shares what happened for her after starting to meditate during an emotional struggle. People find joy, love, and focus in their lives by establishing a meditation practice. Transcript Jayeeta: Namaskar. I’m Jayeeta. What Can Happen in Emotional Times Meditation started with me when I was in a very turbulent emotional phase of my life. That … Read More

Why I Meditate — Dipti

Dipti, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee and Director of Finance at Philips-Consumer Lifestyle, talks about why she meditates. Transcript Dipti: Contemplating Behavior in the Workplace I’m the head of finance for a multinational corporation, and it requires me to take make decisions involving crores of rupees for the organization. And if I’m not concentrating, you know where I can go with … Read More

Why I Meditate — Devendra

Brahmachari Devendra shares the reasons that he meditates. He co-directs Ananda’s activities in Gurgaon, practicing and spreading the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Transcript Devendra:  Meditating Brings Joy to Life I think one of the greatest benefits of meditation to me is that it opens the heart. And I could connect with other people much more easily. The other thing about … Read More

Energy and Focus

Dr. Harpreet, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee and heart surgeon, explains how meditation helps him stay energetic and focused when doing surgery and seeing patients. Transcript Dr. Harpreet: A Doctor’s Focus Being in this profession, working for almost 10 to 15 hours a day, six days a week, and operating on three to four patients daily, I sometimes wonder: “What is … Read More

Superconscious Music Making

David Eby, Cellist, Director, Teacher, and Author, shares his way of tuning into inspiration for music performance. Transcript David Eby: Mindful Meditation Inspires Musical Performance Meditation is the key to inspiring performance. My name is David Eby, and I’ve been playing cello since I was six years old. And music has always been a part of my life. And meditation … Read More

True Peace and Lasting Fulfillment

Trying to find peace and fulfillment from things will yield temporary results. True peace and lasting fulfillment can only be found within. Transcript Devadasi: Material and Spiritual Peace of Mind Well, when I was eight years old, I remember thinking the one experience I wanted was peace. I always grew up thinking that if I had a really a job … Read More

Opening My Heart to the Flow of Nature

By listening and watching in the stillness of meditation with love, Nayaswami Ananta, founding member of Ananda and Ananda Farm, opens his heart to the flow of nature and Spirit. Transcript Nayaswami Ananta Meditating Benefits and Joyful Pastimes My favorite quote about plants is from Luther Burbank, who said that the secret of improved plant breeding (apart from scientific knowledge) is … Read More

Knowing Where to Look for Balance

Prakash shares how meditation helps him find balance and depth of friendship by knowing how to find his center. Transcript Nayaswami Prakash: All my life, I wanted to try to find balance inside myself, because I didn’t experience it. It was, it was too fast or too slow or too upset or too depressed. And when I came into meditation, … Read More

Music & Consciousness

Michael shares with us his experiences through using meditation with his music. Transcript Michael: Meditation and Song I consider meditation to be central to everything I do with music. Every song, everything comes from that inner experience. And I just find that’s the only way it really has any meaning, that to found a song and something that’s real, like … Read More