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Why I Meditate — Mickey

August 20, 2015

Mickey, a gemstone specialist, astrologer, and social activist, years ago made meditation part of his life.



Meditating Makes Life Complete

It's part of my life. Now that I'm here, it's like you got something very good, you know. It's very difficult to explain why I do meditate. I meditate because I'm enjoying enjoy meditations. And I think I chose meditation for this path, and without meditation or without having a path, doing yoga, it's not complete.

Self-Healing Meditation for Erasing Bad Habits

I'm doing meditation for many years, and now I can say there are no bad habits anymore. I used to smoke a lot 40 years ago. Many years ago, I left everything, so many other things, because I would be saying "No" I decided on good habits. Amazing, in this world, there is nothing in my control: my family, my work, neighbors, sister, Rose, every girl mate. And I have to be centered, you know. It's part of my life, that's all.


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