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Shifting Consciousness

Kalidas Hansen
August 31, 2013

Kalidas shares his story of meditation and the art of shifting his consciousness.

"In my early days, I used to get into a lot of trouble. And I think that that trouble was because I was bored with regular consciousness. I was involved with skateboarding. And so we were vandalizing property quite regularly, thinking that it was totally normal. But then I got into some partying lifestyles. That was a regular thing for me for a while until I realized that my sober state started to be more and more agonizing from that. I needed to find some kind of way to create what I saw as excitement or just some kind of shift in consciousness.

When meditation came to me, I realized that this is really what I've been looking for, because you shift your consciousness and it doesn't have a relapse. It doesn't have a hangover. Actually each time you do it and visit this place of peace, you yourself become more peaceful instead of more toxic. Now that I've found meditation, it takes me to a state of consciousness that is enjoyable, peaceful, calm, creative, and it lasts - it carries with me throughout the day. Meditation for me has created an addiction that is healthy, because it's an eternal well of peace and well being."

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