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Deepening the Only Relationship That Matters

October 5, 2013

Rachel shares her experience with meditation as a great tool to connect with the only relationship that really matters—the one with your higher Self.



Why do we even want a relationship? Why did I even want a relationship? There was something so appealing to me about the whole entire process. And I didn't realize that what I was really looking for was a deeper connection to myself.

Meditation, Emotions, and Relationship

I started meditating because I really had nowhere else to go. Nothing was going to satisfy me on the level that I needed, because I was looking outside of me for that fulfillment. I was looking at relationship, or whatever it was outside of me, to gain that fulfillment.

I felt very disheartened. I realized, Oh my gosh! I have to actually go within myself to find that fulfillment. And that was the relationship I was really looking for. That was the relationship that wouldn't let me down and would always keep me fulfilled!

Meditation is definitely something that really helps create the most important relationship and that is the one with yourself.


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