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Why I Meditate — Vibha

August 20, 2015

Vibha, a government administrator and Ananda Gurgaon devotee and mother, shares how meditation became something much deeper after it profoundly helped her manage a busy career and family life.



A Career Women and Mother’s Meditation for Stress Management 

I was trying my best to achieve the best everywhere. But it was just not working. And I was at my wits' end. I struggled to work longer hours at home, at work, and it was not coming together.

So when I was having all these stresses in my life, a natural instinct in me said, go the spiritual way and meditate. The result was that my nerves were calmer.

So, my relationships at work became better. They became more trustworthy. And it was kind of a happy time, where I could be very happy and safe in delegating my work to my colleagues. And at the same time, when I came back home, I was a happier mother. So for my children also it was a joyful time.

Generally, I felt that meditation brought a lot of value to relationships, trust, sincerity, and a calm within. So when these things were going well, a sudden shift in my own thought process happened. I thought that I started meditating to do my stress management. 

The Deeper Experience

The purpose of the spiritual life for me, while I was in the family, and I am in the family today, changed. And it became, for me personally, a spiritual evolution, a journey of evolution, and at the same time, a big test to know who am I in my heart. Today, meditation, for me, has another connotation; it has a much deeper spiritual value. 


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