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True Peace and Lasting Fulfillment

February 14, 2014

Trying to find peace and fulfillment from things will yield temporary results. True peace and lasting fulfillment can only be found within.

"Well, when I was eight years old, I remember thinking that the one experience I wanted was peace. I always grew up thinking that if I really had a job that served other people, that if I had enough money, that if I had a nice car that didn't break down, that I got to travel, have friends, get to go to lots of fun parties, that I would have a great life and be really happy and fulfilled. And that would be it and I go on and have kids and they'd have a great life. And I still had a really deep yearning inside me that was unfulfilled, that just felt unhappy. Before I found meditation I had everything in the material world, and I still was really not deeply fulfilled. M

editation shifted the way that I perceive the world. My experiences, myself and other people, nothing that I acquired, the outside world actually never was able to do that, even though it seemed like it would. Whenever I'm able to be still I get to experience peace and love and joy and all the qualities I've always looked for."

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