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Why I Meditate — Dipti

August 20, 2015

Dipti, an Ananda Gurgaon devotee and Director of Finance at Philips-Consumer Lifestyle, talks about why she meditates.



Contemplating Behavior in the Workplace

I'm the head of finance for a multinational corporation, and it requires me to take make decisions involving crores of rupees for the organization. And if I'm not concentrating, you know where I can go with all that money.

Ordinarily, my tendency to work would be to work like a perfectionist. I would go crazy, doing difficult, strenuous assignments and driving not only myself but my entire team crazy, who would come back and say, "Is this really (inaudible) in office, or is this someone with heart?"

Happiness in the Workplace 

But I think meditation has changed that completely. Because now my team is happy to work late with me. My team is happy to work on the weekends with me. They also call me and tell me we are available for you twenty-four by seven.  Tell us what you want us to do, and we shall be happy to do it because it's our privilege. I haven't heard those words for a long time. And it makes me wonder if I must be doing something nice.

Meditation Brings More Energy and Creativity 

Staying at work, my boss also says, "I think you bring this whiff of fresh energy to work." You're more creative than an ordinary finance person. So there are just these wonderful things that seem to come together. And I'm sure it's the blessing of meditation. So I think meditation has changed my life completely.

Letting Go of Struggling and Finding Inspiration 

If I think about how I was just three years ago, I was a person who was just struggling from one pillar to the other post, trying to find something outside. But meditation has taught me that peace lies within. I just have to close my eyes, focus on God, be with the Masters, and attune myself to the inspiration of the Guru. And it all comes together.

Have a wonderful life. Thank you.

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