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Music & Consciousness

December 6, 2013

Michael shares with us his experiences through using meditation with his music.



Meditation and Song

I consider meditation to be central to everything I do with music. Every song, everything comes from that inner experience. And I just find that's the only way it really has any meaning, that to found a song and something that's real, like something that's actually changed me or moved my consciousness in some way.

I never start a song. I have an experience. I have an intuition; a state of consciousness comes over me, and from that place stems a song or comes in a melody, and I know that as long as I follow that trail and work with that, that it always ends up moving me somehow. It doesn't really feel like it's coming from me because it can sort of move me, too — like the song is happening, it's not, you know, being created.

I think my songs fall into two categories. It's sort of like songs of rejoicing and then songs of longing. When I was younger, the songs of longing were songs of despair. And now I noticed that the songs — it's longing with a sense of hope, and it totally changes the vibration of it.

I still just can't help but smile and just be uplifted from it. It's all just from that exalted place of just gratitude and hope and joy.


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