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All Success Comes from Higher Consciousness

Swami Kriyananda
September 26, 2011

Chapter 2, Stanza 39


Swami Kriyananda explains that the two things needed to accomplish what we want in life are feeling and ego. He strongly advises that if you want something, you must put all of your heart into it. The heart is the dynamic aspect of consciousness. If you do not initially succeed, do not lose heart, keep trying!

Kriyananda illustrates that we also need to be in attunement with those people and things that exemplify the best of what we want so we can magnetize that particular flow of energy. He emphasizes that to succeed, we need to live by the highest principles of integrity – where there is right spiritual activity, there is victory. Kriyananda reminds us that refinement of energy and consciousness much more than skill is necessary and God must be part of any equation for success. Devotion is the first commandment and he urges us above all to love God. “His love will flow through you and all will be well.”



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