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Godly Qualities—A Checklist

Nayaswami Jyotish
May 19, 2017

In a recently published article, Yogananda gave us one, suggesting that we develop twelve Godly qualities as a means of overcoming the ego:

1.   Fearlessness and non-attachment
2.   Absence of self-conceit
3.   Purity of heart: no malice towards others
4.   Perseverance (in the acquisition of wisdom and the practice of meditation)
5.   Sattwic charity (including helping others materially)
6.   Self-restraint (which leads to control of the senses)
7.   Freedom from anger and faultfinding
8.   Straightforwardness
9.   Kindness
10. Forgiveness, (giving a person a chance to reform)
11. Renunciation (primarily of the heart)
12. Tranquility in the Self

It won’t help much just to read over the list. That would be like looking at the menu of a great restaurant, but never eating the food. We need to chew, swallow, and assimilate these virtues if we want to grow strong and healthy. We need a plan of action.

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