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Meditation on the Spiritual Eye

Nayaswami Maria
January 29, 2023

Nayaswami Maria shares this inspiring guided meditation by Swami Kriyananda during her Sunday Service at Ananda Village, January 29 2023.

You can find the complete talk here.


Nayaswami Maria:

Being Comfortable and Relaxed During Meditation

I'd like to ask you to just close your eyes and sit with a spine tall and relaxed and bring your attention to the spiritual eye.

What Is the Spiritual Eye?

The spiritual eye, just as the avatar acts as a super magnet to draw forth from human hearts the desire to know God, the desire to go to God, so the spiritual eye is a super magnet within us. We carry it around all the time. We live in these bodies with it all the time. We need to know that reality. We need to go to that reality.

Preparing for a Guided Meditation

So this is the meditation. Focus there, please, on whatever Light you see. [Pause]

Try to feel your energy there. If you don't see Light, just feel the commitment of your concentration and energy at that point.

Spiritual Eye Visualization

Concentrate at the point between the eyebrows.

Visualize there a tunnel of Golden Light.

Mentally enter that tunnel and feel yourself surrounded by a glorious sense of happiness and freedom. [Pause]

As you move through the tunnel, feel yourself bathed by the Light until all worldly thoughts disappear. [Pause]

After soaring through the tunnel, as long as you feel to do so, visualize before you a curtain of deep Violet-blue Light. [Pause]

Pass through that curtain into another tunnel of deep Violet-blue Light. [Pause]

Feel the Light surrounding you. Slowly, the tunnel walls disappear in Blue Light. Expand your consciousness into that Light, into Infinite freedom and bliss. [Pause]

Now, there is no tunnel.  There is only the all-encompassing blueness and Bliss of Infinity.

At last, visualize before you a silvery white, five-pointed Star of Light. [Pause]

Surrender every thought, every feeling, into this Star of Absolute, Ever-existing Bliss. [Pause]

I Awake in Thy Light — Affirmation

Mentally affirm, I awake in Thy Light. I awake in Thy Light. I am joyful. I am free. I awake in Thy Light.