Be guided through one of the most influential spiritual books of the last 100 years. A first-hand account of miracles, saints, the nature of life and death, and the possibility of a direct, personal relationship with God, told by a modern-day saint and yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda.

Paramhansa Yogananda Talks About Spiritual Communities

THE VISION Paramhansa Yogananda: “Brotherhood is an ideal better understood by example than precept! A small harmonious group may inspire other ideal communities over the earth. “Far into the night my dear friend – the first Kriya Yogi in America – discussed with me the need for world colonies founded on a spiritual basis. Man is a soul, not an institution; his inner reforms … Read More

How Kriya Yoga Came Back to the World

This is the story of how Lahiri Mahasaya got summoned by Babaji to the Himalayas, where he was initiated in the ancient technique of Kriya Yoga. He then was given the mission to spread Kriya, giving it to all those who sincerely asked for spiritual help. Today, Kriya Yoga is practiced all over the world, and it all started with … Read More

Class 4- Book Study “Autobiography Of a Yogi”

Chapter 3 & 4 We finished chapter 3 and moved into the 4th chapter. After Yogananda’s meeting in Benares with Swami Pranabananda (the Saint with two bodies), Yogananda now back in Calcutta tries to escape with his two friends to the Himalayas. But will he make it? We’ll continue where we left off in the next class.