Class 37: Dharma versus Adharma

Episode 37
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Where there is dharma (right action), there is an experience of bliss, and in reality, bliss is the lasting success we seek. How can we react to life’s circumstances in the highest possible way? By flowing with them. (Based on Lesson 22.)

Class 41: The Right Use of Ego

Episode 41
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Many people use their individual egoic qualities powerfully but not productively, in terms of their ultimate fulfillment. The ego is only a point of view, and we can learn to back out of that perspective into our source of divinity. (Based on Lesson 26.)

Prosperity Visualization and Affirmation by Swami Kriyananda

What you can do is limited, but what God can do through you is unlimited, as long as you keep yourself open to that flow. Open yourself to the divine flow of abundance, in this short powerful guided visualization and affirmation on prosperity, by Swami Kriyananda, read by Nayaswami Diksha, at Thy wealth flows into me and through me. … Read More