Joy Is Within You

Asha explains how we can consciously practice the art of joy in all circumstances and the meaning behind the symbol that Swami Kriyananda created for Ananda.

The Inner Voice: Who’s Talking

Among the many voices and thoughts that run through our minds each day, who is really talking? Asha Nayaswami shares how one can develop true inner guidance and make informed decisions.

Thinking About Ananda

Asha Nayaswami reflects on the early years at Ananda Village and a few of the cherished moments with Swami Kriyananda. What was the budding community like? How was it different from the community we know today?

This and That

In this morning’s satsang, Nayaswami Asha emphasizes humor and its importance in the spiritual path. She joyfully spices her talk with a few other topics as well.

Be a Warrior of Light

In this morning satsang Nayaswami discusses how to keep our energy up and also how service can help uplifting us in these difficult times