Astrological Bangle

/ˌastrəˈläjikl ˈbaNGɡəl/

An astrological bangle is a band worn next to the skin which counteracts negative energy from the planets.

Astrology is the study of humanity’s response to the planetary stimuli, the positive and negative radiations from the planets. Planets do not in themselves help or harm, but they act as a channel for people’s karma. Children are born at a time when the planets reflect their individual karma, revealing their past actions and probable future results. Few people are able to accurately interpret a horoscope, however.

One way of decreasing negative future results is by using an astrological bangle. It must weigh a specific amount and be made with particular metals or jewels, which have to be flawless and at least two carats.

Sri Yukteswar recommended an armlet made of gold, silver, and copper for general purposes. More specific ones with different metals and jewels can also be made based on an individual’s horoscope. (1)

  1. Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda. Chapter 16, “Outwitting the Stars.”