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Do we become God?

Dear Niraj, You are right, we can’t become God. God is beyond form, beyond our present reality of maya. However, we can become one with God, or even better, we can realize our oneness with God. Yoganandaji described it as ... Read More

Protection from Evil Influences

Dear Vineeta, As you seem to know, tantra can be a dangerous practice, especially for someone who is unfamiliar with its deeper truths. That said, there are ways you can protect yourself from evil influences of all kinds. The great ... Read More

Ananda’s Mission in India

Yes, it is true that Yoganandaji’s main mission was for the West. When he came to America in 1920 there was little, if any consciousness of God within, or of the possibility that one could have a personal relationship with ... Read More

Leg Pain in Meditation

Dear Debashish, You are not alone in your leg pain! I am assuming that you are sitting on the floor in a cross legged position, perhaps in lotus or half lotus pose. This is a difficult posture to master, but ... Read More

How Do Foreigners Fit into the Caste System in India?

Dear Alan, Living in India for the past 6 years I have found that Indians in general are courteous and friendly to Americans. Of course, the more Westernized a city, the more likely are its residents to speak English and ... Read More

Restlessness in Meditation

Dear Rex, Your dillemma is a common one, especially for beginners. Most of us have to practice quite a bit to reach the ability to sit for long periods. Your solution seems to be a good one, and I am ... Read More

How Can I Tell My Family About My Spiritual Path?

Dear Friend, Your situation is common, and poses an interesting challenge to the spiritual seeker. How can we present our spiritual activities in a way that others can understand? Yogis say that God is often experienced as peace and calm, ... Read More

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