Ananda’s Mission in India


My understanging is that Master’s main mission was to the West. Why is Ananda putting so much energy in India. Isn’t the greater need in the West?

—sam, us


Yes, it is true that Yoganandaji’s main mission was for the West. When he came to America in 1920 there was little, if any consciousness of God within, or of the possibility that one could have a personal relationship with God. Yoganandaji’s directive came from Babaji through Sri Yukteswar, to go to the West, where people were beginning to yearn for that relationship. As it says in our ceremony, A Festival of Light,

“Jesus appeared to the great master, Babaji. ‘The lights on the high altar of my church are growing dim. Though still lit on lower altars of good works, the noble taper of inner communion with the Lord burns low and is ill attended. Let us together, united in Christ love, put lights ablaze on the high altar once again!’”

It’s difficult to say where there is a greater need. All over the world souls are in darkness. And likewise, there are souls everywhere calling out for a deep inner relationship with God. Ananda has responded to that call from many countries, with India being most recent. Meeting so many people there who know of Paramhansa Yogananda and are looking for teachers and fellow students, gives us heart to reach out to India as well as those countries where we have already established centers and communities: Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.

Our way of spreading the teachings of Kriya Yoga is to establish meditation groups and centers where there is interest, and then to train more teachers to expand this work out wherever people are open and receptive. These teachings are not only for the West, but for all the world.

Much joy to you,

Nayaswami Sadhana Devi