Feeling inadequate – Stop comparing yourself to others

We feel inadequate when we start comparing ourselves to others. Comparing ourselves to others can detriment our growth instead of helping. We must understand that every person is unique and it’s important to accept oneself for who we are and be happy with it. Nayaswami Jyotish shares a wonderful story to illustrate how our imperfections too can be a blessing.

Why Doesn’t God Stop Wars?

The nations of the world create war or desist from it, according to their understanding and the quality of their civilizations. War among nations shows that civilization is imperfect and that various nations are misusing their free choice by using brute force to solve problems, instead of parliaments of mutual discussion. Since God, as the Creator of the universe, has … Read More

Jackhammer Karma

Being in LA has a number of superficial perks – a variety of great restaurants, temperate climate, wonderful museum exhibits, etc. but everything in this world has its pluses and minuses. A big minus I’ve discovered in the past 2 years is… the jackhammer! We have the good fortune to live in a beautiful neighborhood called Hancock Park, with immaculately landscaped yards and giant, beautiful homes. About 3 years ago, a law was passed to help alleviate the housing crisis …

Cell Phone Yama Sutras

One time I lamented to Swami Kriyananda that I couldn’t see light in meditation. I felt like I was a lackluster meditator. He told me, “It’s good to see the light. But if you don’t, concentrate on that aspect of God that you do experience.” This was a helpful answer for me at the time as I was struggling then (as I am still now!) with restlessness in my meditation. How do we battle restlessness in meditation? A few years …

“Earthen Vessels” – A Sign From God

Growing up whenever someone died in our family, it was customary to ask for a sign from God that their soul was at peace. I don’t know if this was an Italian thing, a Catholic thing, or a combination. Surely, we all want to know our loved ones are at peace after passing from this physical world.When my cousin Joanna … Read More

Experiments in Consciousness with Autobiography of A Yogi

Like so many in my generation of the 1960s, I wanted to unravel one of humanity’s deepest questions: What is the purpose of life? I studied psychology, hoping to find something that would show me the far horizon of human potential. My studies in college were a dry hole, a barren landscape (for me, at least) of lab rats, mental … Read More

Be the Change: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 into one of the most cathartic periods of American history. African Americans were enslaved on American soil for more than 246 years between 1619 and 1865. Following the Reconstruction era in the late 1800’s and well into the 1960’s, it was the status quo for African Americans to be terrorized and disfranchised by social, educational and employment discrimination, racial hatred, mass violence and lynching. Blacks in America at all socio-economic and political levels were often treated as second-class citizens without the right to vote, without enforced protections of the constitution and without federal civil rights.

The Promised Land

As a child growing up in Israel in the Jewish faith, I believed that Israel was the Promised Land. In my early twenties, as I started to practice yoga and meditation, I began to question whether the Promised Land was a physical territory. When I became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, studied his teachings and practiced the meditation techniques that … Read More