I received an email with this story, below. It touched my heart not only because of its own power, which is great, but also because it reminded me of a prayer testimonial I wrote years ago: Prayers for a war-torn area. It is the first time that I have read a story that seemed so similar in essence.

In both stories the soldiers who were bent on killing others were “converted” to their own higher nature. This is the power of transforming, divine love. It amazed me that this man, below, was able to convert the ISIS soldiers away from evil and toward the Light.

This story originated from RUN Ministries, a refugee camp system in Iraq serving tens of thousands of people displaced by ISIS.

Last year, when ISIS terrorists came to his village, Habib lost everything: family, friends, his home, his job. For nearly two months, he lived in the mountains until our teams found him and brought him to one of our “Community of Hope” refugee camps.

After finding healing, restoration and purpose in our camps, Habib and others set out to start their lives over in a new village. All was well until ISIS came again.

But this time, Habib was armed with something completely different — a faith that filled him with love and forgiveness. Instead of seeking revenge, Habib brought the ISIS fighters food and shared with them about God’s love and forgiveness.

Miraculously, these terrorists dropped their guns and turned away from evil! Now, they are working alongside Habib to rebuild a nation torn apart by terror.


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  1. Inspiring,uplifting..faith building,strengthening..a wonderful,needed testimony to the power of Gods’ Love & Light conquering the darkness,evil in the world..thank you.

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      Thank you for your comment – and I am glad to know this story inspired you!

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