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5 Day Advent for Yogananda’s Birthday on January 5.
If your children are spiritually receptive, you might enjoy trying this as a family:

Yogananda: A Brief Biography

The Three Wise Men – song by Swami Kriyananda

Many Christian Churches celebrate Epiphany – the coming of the Three Wise Men, on January 6.

When Yogananda dictated his interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita, he said that BabajiLahiri Mahasaya, and Sri Yukteswar were the three wise men. He was speaking of the souls of these great masters, coming in previous incarnations. In the Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda says that Babaji is a master of great age, who has been around for centuries, perhaps even millennia. So, it’s possible that Babaji was actually living at the time of the birth of Christ and came to see him in his form as Babaji.

Whispers from Eternity
By Paramhansa Yogananda –

Demand for Opening the Spiritual Eye, The Eastern Star of Wisdom.

Bless me, Father, that I behold the Eastern star of wisdom. May it shine before my human eyes as much in daylight as in darkness. Long my eyes were blinded by the tinsel‐glitter of materiality. Seeing things always outwardly, I saw not the Spirit behind and within them. I saw the mustard‐seed of matter, but spied not the oil of Spirit that it contained. My third eye of wisdom is now opened. Oh, may it always be so! Let the gaze of my single eye of realization penetrate through every veil of matter to behold the infinite presence of Christ, everywhere. Bless me, that my sacred, wise thoughts, following this star of knowledge, lead me to the Christ in everything.

Full prayer here-

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