Dear Healing Prayer Circle,

Please pray for the soul of Jagadeesh Bob Franklin who died on Monday, March 16 of the Coronavirus, Covid19.  Please also pray for his widow, Shanta Patrizia Franklin.

Jagadeesh and Shanta

They are longtime members of Ananda and were visiting her family in northern Italy. They arrived before the virus was a big concern, but it turned out to be a virus “hot spot” and one of the areas that was slower to lockdown.

Shanta is still in northern Italy now. She had been ill before Jagadeesh.  She was quarantined in a different place already, so when Jagadeesh went to the hospital, Shanta was unable to be with him or say goodbye. He passed away within a few days after entering the hospital. He had improved from a recurrence of leukemia and had been cleared for the Italy trip, but his immune system was fragile. Please pray for her to be comforted and blessed at this time, in body, mind and soul.

Shanta’s health is improving gradually and she is able to eat a bit now. When she is out of quarantine, she will need to be tested before she goes to the Italian Consulate to inquire about travel elsewhere. Their most recent home was in the Ananda Portland Community.

A close friend writes: “Through this deeply painful time alone she is a devotee, thinking of others and resolving to stay in higher consciousness. She is determined to get physically stronger and face a new life without her beloved Jagadeesh. She will have Jagadeesh’s body cremated very soon (the hospital requires this). We are trying to help support her on a practical/financial level from here. She is not sure of her plans yet after she is better and out of quarantine.”

Right now in Italy people can’t gather for funerals, thus I am asking for these special prayers now for the soul of Jagadeesh, and for Shanta. The many Ananda communities are sending prayers, as well.

Wedding Day

There is a line in the Ananda Wedding vows, “We will always be friends, even if parted by death or other separation.”  Their love and joy shines through in their wedding day photos and was a deep and lasting quality of their union. May Shanta be blessed now with the ongoing love of the soul of her beloved husband, and also the love of her Divine Beloved. May Divine Mother and God, Christ, Guru carry her through these coming days, months, and years.

Pray for Shanta now, and if you feel so inspired, please keep her on your prayer list over the coming year. This will help her through this time of many changes.

Please see Shanta filled with the healing vibrations and joy of this song sung by the residents of Ananda Assisi in response to the viral crisis, right before the lockdown throughout Italy.

Thank you all for your prayers.


Mary Kretzmann-White

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Series of blogs on prayer regarding COVID19

Join us in praying for the world with this brief visualization, filmed at an impromptu healing gathering right before Ananda Village went into voluntary isolation

Healing Affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda:

My body cells are made of light, My fleshly cells are made of Thee. They are perfect, for Thou art perfect; They are healthy, for Thou art Health; They are Spirit, for Thou art Spirit; They are immortal, for Thou art Life.

PS – Follow me on Facebook for helpful items that can be therapeutic for colds/viruses. (Not everything makes it into this blog. ) Today I posted my recipe for Turmeric Tea, which I find helpful personally.


  1. Mary, thank you so much for all you doing for the healing of individuals and the world. I love how you share your wisdom. I want to share a little of my experience of studying Chinese medicine in China (I’m an acupuncturist). We have met, though I don’t expect you to remember me. I am a kriyaban.

    My experience in China was that Spirit is very alive and well there — within its traditional medicine! At first I wondered why all the traditional doctors seemed so glowing and radiant. Was it all that Tai Chi?! Then as I dove deeper into the medicine, I realized that it is a medicine of connection, everything is connected and intertwined in Chinese medicine. And Qi? It’s everywhere, in everything, the enlivening principle of everything — which sounds an awful lot like God to me! It has a deep understanding of the workings of Maya — yin and yang which cannot be understood outside of the Wholeness. It gave me great hope for China, for its citizens adore their traditional medicine! In China I saw that God knows how to hide a bit when necessary, but is always there for someone who looks. Many blessings to you and all you see, jai Guru, Lynn Lloyd


      Thank you, Lynn. for your thoughts. Perhaps you meant to comment on this blog? Prayers for Healing the World of a Viral Crisis

      I mention prayers for China there. I am happy to hear about your experiences in China with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am sure it does a lot of good. It was used successfully in some Chinese hospitals during the worst part of the covid19 outbreak. My concern was for other aspects of China. “For those who have ears to hear…”

  2. Only today am I hearing of Jagadeesh’s passing several weeks ago and Shanta’s illness. They came to the Retreat near Pune awhile back and we had such a wonderful experience getting to know each other. They loved the rustic setting, surrounded by low mountains. As Jagadeesh was into gardening and saw how much we needed skills like his, and Shanta realized the need for a certified yoga teacher on site, they seriously considered moving to the Retreat. But we all knew there’d be issues involving her visa, and so they never returned — except perhaps in their hearts.

    Yes, Mary, Shanta will be in our prayers.


      Thank you, Prisha, for your prayers and kind remembrances of Jagadeesh. Your words will be a comfort to Shanta. AUM AUM AUM

  3. I pray for Jagadeesh as his soul transitions to the beautiful Astral realm that Master and Sri Yukteswar have so often described. I feel certain that he was met at the portal by Master and Swamiji, welcoming him to his Astral home. I also pray for Shanta, that she regains her vibrant health with the God consciousness that she has always exhibited on this earthly plane.
    Shanta and Jagadeesh were my across-the-hall neighbors for the year I spent at Chandi ashram at Ananda Village a few years ago. Being a new Ananda devotee I knew few people. Shanta and Jagadeesh immediately took me under their wings, lovingly guiding me and helping me navigate living in an ashram full of devotees. I quickly realized I was living amongst two saints. Their two auras melted into one…and the lasting effect was one of calm grace and even mindedness. Whether cooking together in the group kitchen or leading sadhana and meditation at our small chapel having them around was a constant blessing.
    I know that some day Jagadeesh will be there to give a huge Astral welcome to me, Shanta and all his beloved gurubais.
    Hai Om Tat Sat

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