Dear Ones,

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There is such a need for Divine Mother’s healing grace right now, and always. You can serve as an instrument of healing for souls in need, whether their need is physical, mental, or spiritual. People are so grateful for the healing prayers. So even if we feel helpless to heal the entire planet, please know that your prayers can make a world of a difference to one individual at a time. God can use you as a willing instrument. to help people through difficult situations in their lives.   People are so grateful for the prayers…

Please join us in these compassionate healing prayer efforts.

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry 


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry.

PS – Ananda India is calling for prayers regarding the covid outbreak there. You may have already seen their page, but just in case I am including it, above, as it contains many resources and opportunities to join in prayer.

PPS. – You can also read about our Ananda Sangha worldwide Prayers for India.


  1. I would like to join the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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  3. Hi, Your above Blog is a very beautiful & meaningful. I want to read your blog regular.

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