Dear Healing Prayer Members,

Please add baby Faith to your prayer list for however long you feel so inspired.

I will also assign Faith’s name to many of the monthly healing prayer lists over the next two months. I know many of you will be asking for updates on a prayer request like this. so I will ask Faith’s parents to check in and write updates in the comments to this blog, below, as soon as they are ready to do so.


Faith Siobhain Moynahan

Born Tuesday, January 11 at 6:20 PM – she was two months premature.

4 pounds 13 ounces, and she is 16.34 inches long

Currently in the NICU at UC Davis Hospital in Sacramento, CA

Parents Ashleigh and Arjuna – please also pray for them to be sustained in health throughout Faith’s care. They are taking a covid test every three days in order to be “cleared” to enter the hospital. (They are devotees, and members of Ananda Village in Nevada City, CA – but they are currently staying near the hospital)

Faith has a feisty spirit – which is a good sign for her will to live. They eventually had to put little mitts on her hands because she was trying to pull out the tubes!

For the first two days, Faith was producing too much fluid in her lungs, and they had to medically draw off the fluid. Today’s midday report was that she had not produced excess fluid today. We pray for this to continue.

See her chakras full of light – protecting her in body, mind and soul.

Thank you all for your prayers. Ashleigh and Arjuna are so grateful!


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry 

PS – The Zoom Prayers are going very well. I encourage you to join in if you feel called to it. It is a lovely way to pray together.


  1. Mary, thank you for the opportunity to be able to pray for baby Faith. She is so precious and I love how her eyes are partially open on day three. Ashleigh and Arjuna are in my prayers, too.

    Linda Hagen


    UPDATE – the fluid built up again in Faith’s lungs, so they are preparing to surgically insert drainage tubes in her lungs. Surgery starts after 10 pm – Friday evening – Pacific time

  3. OM OM OM, keeping baby Faith in light and love. You are in our prayers Ashleigh and Arjuna, we are praying for the whole family. Expect the miraculous. All our love, Nischala, Nakula & Rama ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  4. My twin sister and I both survived being born two months prematurely. There have been a few problems but God is good! Technology and understanding is much better now.
    Faith is so sweet.
    In Master’s Love,

  5. Thanks for the updates and sharing inspiration, Mary.

    Faith is a well-known word so I looked up Faith’s middle name, just for fun:

    Siobhain – Urban Dictionary
    “caring, smart, fun loving person with a bit of a tough side…”

    What does Siobhan mean in Irish?
    sio(b)-han. Origin: Irish. Popularity:4688. Meaning: God is gracious



      Oh – thank you! I wanted to look that up. I love the Irish meaning in this instance – but the “toughness” is also good!

  6. Such a difficult entry into the world. Faith’s soul needs to be here. She must have a great calling to bring us her light. Jai Jai Faith. Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

  7. Hi Mary

    I would like to know how is faith?then use the platform to let you know that I am now a kriyaban from Ananda India home study.
    Joy to you


      Dear Henri,
      Thank you for letting me know that you are now a kriyaban. That is a beautiful and sacred step. And I just posted an update about Faith. I will be posting new photos soon, too.


    WONDERFUL PRAYER UPDATE on baby Faith – from Ashleigh – “Faith is doing amazing and we got more good news today. The fluid that was developing around her lungs has slowed down significantly and they are already trying to see if when they can take the chest tube out. They are testing today to see what happens when they take the vacuum off that line. There has been suction on it up to this point. Her breathing is also improving so much they are talking about working towards removing the breathing tube. She is needing less and less assistance every time we visit her. Today was full of good news and I even got to hold her for the first time which felt so perfect and it was everything I wanted. She quickly threw up on me but that was the best part. All the prayers are helping so much. Helping Faith and helping us. We are just overwhelmed with the amount of support we are getting.”

    Ashleigh says about herself: “I’m doing a lot better but I still have my moments of fatigue.”

  9. I so much loved seeing Faith’s photo.
    I am praying for her.
    She is being held by Divine Mother all the time and feeling very loved.
    I feel she misses her mom very much and that is why she was trying to remove the tubes.
    I am so glad her Mother is near and able to see her and touch her often.
    Thank you Mary💛 for asking me to pray🙏🏻 bhajana


      Thank you, sweet Bhajana, for your kind words. And thank you for your prayers. — Mary


    From Ashleigh:
    “The ventilator was removed today! C-pap machine in its place. Arjuna held her today will send photos soon.”

  11. Praying as a mom who delivered a 3lb 3 oz son 49 yrs ago! That baby grew up to be very intelligent, a responsible father and very sweet!
    It is my Blessing to pray to divine Mother for Baby Faith from a place deep within my own heart.


    UPDATE – “Faith continues to get stronger, though it looks like they will still be in Sacramento for at least a few more weeks. They really appreciate all of the prayers and feel it is making such a difference for all of them. ”


    Yes, All that is true but today we had a beautiful visit. Faith is doing so well we can start moving towards practicing breast feeding. Today was the first day Faith was very alert and responsive since all the drugs are wearing off. She has needed a lot of pain medication since she had all the tubes in her. Now all that’s left is the tiny feeding tube in her mouth and the central line that goes in her leg up the vein to just below the heart. Yikes. The next big step is removing that central line which the doctors think is coming very soon. Within a day or so. Even with that line still there she is a million times more comfortable and calms down much quicker. We are allowed to hold her more which is amazing and will be even more so when the central line comes out. Today she got to explore the breast although she was more interested in sleeping but when we put her down she was using the pacifier like a pro. This is the next big milestone in her development that all the doctors want to see and the first step toward breastfeeding. This is huge news because normally babies don’t develop that mechanism or instinct until 34-35 weeks and she is just over 33. At the very end of our visit, she just stared at Arjuna for the longest time and me a little bit too but she was sooooo interested in Arjuna. So exciting to see her have a little more awareness and actually wake up for a little bit after all that she has gone through.

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