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My apologies to all those who tried to tune in this evening (Tuesday), but could not do so… Right before the broadcast, I realized the old link was not working! I posted this new link right away and luckily a few faithful members did manage to find it. Thank you to those who tried… I am sure you sent out some prayers on your own!

Baby Faith

I thought you all would enjoy these updates. (The original request is in the blog: Pray for Faith.) If baby Faith is on your assigned healing prayer list – please continue to pray for her. Your prayers are helping her so much. Thank you!
  • Today Ashleigh says: “Baby Faith officially moved to the stable side of NICU. Her main job is to feed and grow. Today she took her first food by mouth from the bottle. She took about 14 mils. all by herself – they say this is huge for her age….

    Tuesday – Jan 25

  • Prayer Focus:  “So the biggest update is that Faith’s new task is to learn to feed by mouth, either breastfeeding or by the bottle. The receptionist that we have become friends with told us something that I don’t think she was supposed to. She said that Faith’s release date is February 2nd!!! Now, this is not the message we get from the nurses or the doctors but still, it’s so exciting! I do feel an urgency to leave and feel we need prayers for Faith to take those last big steps, feeding and breathing on her own, so we can get out of here soon.
    ….We got some bad news today that they changed the policy at the hospital so now we need to have a negative Covid test every 48 hours!! “
  • Posted  January 24, Yesterday:    “…So far so good. They did x-ray today and her lungs look great. They will not do another x-ray unless her body gives them symptoms that something is off…She continues to improve with the amount of oxygen she is getting and needs less and less, pretty soon she will be breathing room air…As long as she does not need them, the tubes are out, and it is looking good.”
  • Posted Thu, January 20 –  from Ashleigh and Arjuna – Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the love and prayers. We wanted to post an update ourselves for a change since we are finally catching up and have a moment to share. Faith is doing incredibly well! The big news of the day is THEY REMOVED HER CHEST TUBE because the fluid has stopped accumulating around her lungs.

    Saturday, Jan 22

    She is also requiring less breathing support so they got her off the c pap and replaced that with just some positive pressure in the nostrils (I forget what this one is called). Now, we can see much more of her face and without the chest tube in we were able to hold her skin to skin!!! With the tube out, holding her is much less irritating for her and easier for the nurses to help us get situated so there will be lots more snuggles on the way. She calms down much much quicker with the two major tubes gone, ventilator and chest tube, and just looks like she can finally sleep peacefully. We cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done for us. If you feel to continue to pray it would be greatly appreciated.  Specifically, mom is trying to keep up with Faith’s increasing diet, which is progressing rapidly, and also that Faith continues to handle her food well, gets all the nutrients she needs and keeps growing big and strong. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you all so much, it means the world to us.” — —from Arjuna and Ashleigh – 

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  1. Thank you for the update and happy to hear that baby Faith is in much better condition. Jai Guru

  2. I hadn’t realized Baby Faith was Asleigh’s baby. My favorite artist. I’m sure Faith will be going home soon with her Mommy and Daddy.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this progress report. I will keep praying for your precious baby.

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