Have you been wanting to find a way to go deeper in your healing prayers for others? These zoom sessions have evolved into wonderful healing prayer teams made up of members from all around the world.  I can sense that the individuals are growing in their ability to send healing prayers both to the entire planet and to individuals.

In our prayers for the planet, we pray for Mother Nature – sending blessings to the oceans, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, flowers and the honeybees, the farmlands, and all creatures. We express gratitude to the Divine for fresh air and water, and we pray for the consciousness of humanity to evolve to lovingly care for those gifts.

We follow each session with prayers for individuals. These can be for the healing group members, or for friends or relatives. Please feel free to join us for any of the sessions listed below if you would like to experience the blessings of joining in guided healing prayers for the planet. Please also feel free to request prayers for yourself or for a loved one.

I realize that not everyone feels the call to join in the zoom healing prayer sessions. This is simply a loving invitation – please do feel any pressure! I mention this because one long-time member of the healing prayer ministry apologized for not coming.  No worries! If you like – simply come once in a while to see how we are praying for the planet. It has stayed the same at its core – but also it has evolved – if that makes sense. What has been beautiful is that sometimes we feel a special flow of healing energy as pray for a particular aspect of planetary healing. It feels as though God has answered the prayer with beautiful grace.

In addition to our normal healing prayers, we have been praying for the healing of California forests as a special prayer experiment as we go into the summer.  As you may know, California has had many summers in a row of intense fires that destroy vast acres. So we pray for divine protection and for rain. We were very glad to receive the gentle soaking of rain yesterday, and we will continue to pray.

Thank you, Divine Mother!

May God and Guru bless you all.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry 

Schedule for Zoom Healing Prayers

Monday Evening Prayers for the Planet 7:00 PM Pacific Time –

Tuesday Evening Prayers – 5-6 PM Pacific Time

Wednesday Noon Prayers – Noon to 1 PM (Pacific Time) – Prayers for the Planet followed by prayers for individuals.

  • Note: I will lead these Wednesday noon sessions every other week;  Jitendra from Ananda Online will lead on the alternate week. Jitendra will also include a short lesson from the book, Divine Will Healing  – This is a wonderful way to learn a little bit more about Yogananda’s healing methods each week. 

Thursday Healing Prayers – 8:30-9 AM Pacific Time – Prayers for the Planet (Part1)  – followed immediately by Part 2: healing prayers for individuals.  Come for whatever part you can. 

Friday Evening – Prayers for the Planet  8:00 PM Pacific Time

Saturday Morning Prayers – 8:30-9 AM Pacific Time – followed by prayers for individuals, as needed.

Sunday Morning Prayers 8:30-9 AM Pacific Time – Prayers for the planet, some prayers for individuals, and sometimes a short Satsang of spiritual healing. 


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      Dear Reshma,
      Thanks for reaching out here. Please feel free to join in any of the sessions, above, that suit your schedule. You can also request prayers for yourself or for your loved ones here at this link: https://www.ananda.org/prayers/

      Mary K

  1. Mary K to me is an angel. I am so so grateful for her prayers.

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      Thank you for your kind words, and for your participation in the healing prayer sessions.

  2. was robbed and my business burned to the ground with no content insurance, now at 70 years old I’m working till almost dark most all 7 days a week ! I must sell the business right away ! I don’t have enough money to retire without the sale. Please send me love, wisdom, and a buyer. thank you all so very much.

  3. Hello Allen,

    I am sorry to hear what you are going through.

    Have you filled the prayer request form, the link of which Mary has shared in the above comment? If not, please do so. You’ll receive lot of love and support from them, just like family. You’ll not regret this.


  4. I just want to mention how wonderful and supportive this prayer group is… I love Mary. She’s so wise and so kind. It feels really good to direct energy towards healing others.

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