Ananda Yoga brings yoga back to its original spiritual essence.

It teaches hatha yoga postures as they were originally intended: as a way to aid our spiritual development. Yoga is more than exercise; it is a way of life.

Above all, Ananda Yoga seeks to raise our level of consciousness by reinforcing the natural effects of the yoga postures, thereby harmonizing body, mind, and soul.

These short (10-13 minute) yoga sessions are meant to be done at your desk, sitting or standing, during the work day or whenever needed. The postures may be modified according to the needs of the individual.

Ananda Yoga Breaks are led by Maitri Jones, who has been practicing Ananda Yoga for over 30 years. As a nurse and yoga and meditation teacher, she has a special interest in using yoga as therapy for body, mind, and spirit. At Ananda’s Expanding Light Retreat she teaches Yoga Therapy and the Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Ananda Yoga Break: Joy
Maitri Jones | 10′:56″

Ananda Yoga Break: Courage
Maitri Jones | 11′:15″

Ananda Yoga Break: Energy
Maitri Jones | 10′:51″

Ananda Yoga Break: Centeredness
Maitri Jones | 11′:49″

Ananda Yoga Break: Peace
Maitri Jones | 13′:47″


  1. Thanks Maitri … Very Nice!

    It would be still nicer if there was an accompanying video of your demonstration for each of the exercises so one could view the video to make sure one is doing the exercise correctly.

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