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A Concert of the Music of Swami Kriyananda

July 4, 2019

Thursday night concert during Ananda's 50th anniversary celebration, with Ananda's international choir, instrumental pieces and dance.

Performed in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village.


  • Brave Were the People
  • Brothers (Fratelli)
  • Life Is Beautiful
  • Channels
  • Quando mi sveglio (I Will Always Think of Thee)
  • Life Is a Dream
  • Home Is a Green Hill
  • I Live Without Fear
  • Cloisters
  • Invocation to the Woodland Devas (dance & vocal/instrumental)
  • Love Is the Memory of a Lost Joy (instrumental)
  • Life Is a Quest for Joy (instrumental)
  • O Master
  • Love Is a Magician (solo)
  • Thy Light Within Us Shining
  • Peace
  • Mother of Wisdom