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Ananda Music — With Dambara Begley

Dambara Begley
May 20, 2021

The ANANDA MUSIC ORAL HISTORY VIDEOS capture the essence of living and sharing the music of Ananda. Listen to longtime devotee musicians share their stories and remembrances of spiritual lessons learned from working on the songs and chants of Swami Kriyananda and Paramhansa Yogananda.

Dambara Begley has enjoyed singing, playing and sharing Swami Kriyananda’s music since shortly after he arrived at Ananda Palo Alto in 1987. He’s also lived at Ananda Village, Ananda Sacramento, Ananda Portland, and currently lives with his wife Manisha Holm at Ananda Farm Camano Island, Washington. He shares free Ananda music and other resources at

“Swami has written often…this music wasn’t something he wanted to do, but it was an inspiration that came to him, how can I share these teachings, how can I share this joy, this path of meditation. This music is designed to get us to that place of stillness, that place of bliss, to that place of joy." “Ask anybody in the choir what is it like singing this music, and not only will there be a smile on their face from all the joy that there is, not only just singing together with like-minded souls, but just sharing the vibration of joy with other people.”

VIDEO MUSIC (written by Swami Kriyananda) "God, God, God" (from a live performance) "Sailing the Blue Sea" (Relax: Meditations for Flute and Cello CD -



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