How to Develop Humility

The importance of deep relaxation in meditation • Visualizations for relaxing the body • Sitting completely still • Visions of America while Yogananda was at Ranchi school in India • How to develop humility • “I killed Yogananda long ago. No one dwells in the temple now but God.” (Conversations with Yogananda: 326-329)

The Need for Common Sense on the Spiritual Path

Intelligence and common sense are needed on the spiritual path • “To those who think me near, I will be near.” • Master’s timing in coming to America • The desire for miracles • Overcoming doubts on the path • Why is humility helpful? (Conversations with Yogananda: 321-324)

Master’s Predictions

Yogananda’s thoughts about the 20th century wars • The Cold War as a world war • Coming trials for humanity • Master’s predictions about a coming depression more serious than the Great Depression of the 30s • A “terrible cataclysm” • How to prepare • Yogananda’s vision of “world brotherhood colonies” • Yogananda’s vision of James Coller as soon to … Read More

Who Were the Masters in Former Lives?

Who was Lahiri Mahasaya in a former life? • Who was Babaji in a former life? • Yogananda as Arjuna in a former life • Bhagavad Gita commentaries: “A new scripture is born” • “Millions will find God through this book” • Why this commentary was unique (Conversations with Yogananda: 316-317)

Is Evolution Real?

Is evolution real? • How does God see the world? • What is past and what is future? • Yogananda’s foreknowledge of his future work in America • What did Master mean when he urged us to “resist” delusion? (Conversations with Yogananda: 312-314)