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Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi Visit the Tulsi Bose Shrine

The Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide visit the Tulsi Bose Shrine in Kolkata, India in September 2022 — a memorable day and a blessed visit. Grace flows from the Guru and his Light and Love touches all hearts.

Tulsi Bose was a childhood friend of Yogananda's (called Mukunda prior to taking monastic vows). They traveled to many places together. Tulsi shared that Mukunda was led to Tulsi and his family by Divine Mother for help with more quiet for meditation by using their home. Later, Tulsi's father bought land behind their home for building a hut for Mukunda's first school of meditation classes. Noted Sanskrit scholar Swami Kebalananda taught there daily. In 1916, Mukunda was offered land in the countryside for the growing school. Sri Yukteswar visited Tulsi's home to see the school ashram before it moved. - from Devi Mukherjee, Shaped by Saints, Chapter 5

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