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Non-Injury: Inspiration for the Week

Tyagini Narayani, Tyagi Shurjo
December 22, 2021

Non-Injury: Inspiration for the Week

Non-injury is a fundamental rule in the spiritual life. It means primarily an attitude of mind. Outwardly, one cannot avoid doing a certain amount of injury-for example, to flying insects when driving one’s car. The harm one does, however, by wishing harm to others hurts not only them, but even more especially, oneself. Spiritually, a harmful attitude separates one from the harmony and oneness of life. Non-injury, on the other hand, embraces that oneness, and is in turn sustained by it. Non-injury is a powerful force for victory, for it enlists cooperation from the very universe, where harmfulness incites endless opposition.


I send out the rain of blessings to all, that love be nourished in hearts that, heretofore, have known only hate.


Divine Mother, when others seek to hurt me, give me the wisdom to see that victory lies in blessing them, not in revenge. If I respond with anger, the loss will be mine, even if mine also is the outward victory, for inwardly I will have been hurt indeed. But if I return blessings for their blows, I shall remain ever safe within the impregnable walls of my inner peace.