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The Worst Sin Is to Call Yourself a Sinner (With Swami Kriyananda)

Swami Kriyananda
July 6, 2023

In this talk, Swami Kriyananda speaks to us about many spiritual insights and the path of Self-realization. He stresses the need to search for permanent fulfillment instead of the temporary satisfactions that trinkets of external possessions provide, which so often lead to disappointment and unhappiness. He reminds us that God does not live up in a cloud, He lives in our own hearts. And no matter how deeply we fall into delusion or error (which all sin is, in reality) — God’s love can and will redeem us. Further, if we can cultivate the awareness of God’s presence in all aspects of our lives, we can transcend illusion and separateness and find lasting Joy and true happiness in Divine Love.


Swami Kriyananda reads and comments on his book Conversations with Yogananda. The TV series A Way to Awakening was recorded in India.


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