Nayaswami Jaya Helin and his wife Nayaswami Sadhana Devi are founding members of Ananda. For many years Jaya served as the general manager of Ananda Village. Later, he and Sadhana Devi helped start an Ananda Center on the East Coast of the U.S. For the past several years they have been helping to pioneer Ananda India in Delhi, and now in Pune.

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Meditation on Indian Deities

Paramhansa Yogananda defined meditation as “one pointed concentration upon God or one of His aspects.” Raja Yoga typically defines the “aspects” of God as: sound, light, love, wisdom, peace, calmness, power and bliss. Each of these can be expressed in ... Read More

How to Maintain Attunement in the Midst of a Busy Life

I think most kriyabans experience a tug-of-war between the outward pull of responsibilities and an inner call to maintain attunement and a regular sadhana. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Try to keep God and Gurus in your consciousness during ... Read More

Did Jesus Forgive Judas?

Dear Friend, A disciple who was reprimanded by Paramhansa Yogananda once asked, “Will you forgive me, Sir?” The Master replied, “What else can I do?” In that loving spirit, certainly Jesus forgave Judas and included him in his statement on ... Read More

A Neighbor Is Threatening Me and Disturbing My Peace of Mind

Prashanth, There are a number of issues here. No one has a right to threaten another with violence and physical harm. If what you relate is as you say, I recommend you take this man’s threats to the proper authorites ... Read More

Cricket or Medicine?

Dear Ab, I sympathize with your desire to be a cricketer but I suspect your parents realize your chances of reaching the top ranks are heavily against you. That’s why they want you to be a doctor. Their wish is ... Read More

How Concentration Leads to Meditation

Dear Friend, When practicing the technique of watching the breath as taught in the Ananda Lessons, your physical eyes should be gently inclined upward with your “inner gaze” directed toward the point between the eyebrows. Your concentration should be upon ... Read More

Can People with Mental Illness Make Spiritual Progress?

Mental disease is a term that covers a broad range of maladies. You might say that we are all a little bit “peculiar” in our own, idiosyncratic way and that the term “mentally ill” is but a definition of degree ... Read More

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