How to Maintain Attunement in the Midst of a Busy Life


My Kriya practice has become very important to me and I fear losing the discipline to continue meditating consistently due to my outer life creating distractions. My question is how to keep strong attunement to God and Gurus while maintaining a demanding outer life of service.

—Jan Jerome, USA


I think most kriyabans experience a tug-of-war between the outward pull of responsibilities and an inner call to maintain attunement and a regular sadhana. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Try to keep God and Gurus in your consciousness during your outward service. Serve them through whatever it is you are called to do. Include them and ask for their guidance in your outer duties. Let them work with you and through you as your partner during the day. In other words, don’t make too rigid a separation between your inner and outer life.

2. Spiritual indifference can be our greatest enemy on the spiritual path. Fan your desire for God and feed it. If it burns brightly, the rest will follow naturally and you need not worry. Ask yourself, “Is my love for God growing? Is it strong within me?” Keep in mind why you came to these teachings in the first place and don’t be satisfied until your heart’s true longing is satisfied.

3. Dive even more deeply into your kriya practice to experience joy. As Paramhansa Yogananda used to say, “Once you taste good cheese, you will no longer be satisfied with stale cheese.” If you feel God’s blessings in meditation, you will want to return again and again to experience more. The temptation to become distracted with outer duties will lessen.

4. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of spiritual company – satsanga. Associate as much as possible with others who share your spiritual ideals. You will be carried over the rough spots. But even if you are without such friends and company, remember what Yoganandaji asked a disciple, “Am I not always with you?”

I hope these few thoughts prove helpful.

Nayaswami Jaya